Random Thoughts and Stranger Things

Ah, the joys of Crohn’s disease. Often after eating a big meal, or acidic foods, or anything really, I’ll lay down to help combat the pain that often comes after dinner. Well, I’ve started binge watching movies, and various series of Netflix and Hulu. My most recent binge has been Stranger Things, because well, who doesn’t love Stranger Things?! I quickly came to the realization that some of the sounds that come from my abdomen (as a result of my Crohn’s) sound an AWFUL like the demo-dogs, HA! Also realized that some nights, it feels like a whole mess of those living vines are inside of my abdomen. There have been so many nights I’ve just been lying there, and can see my intestines “bubble” up and move around, a little similar to a baby kicking, but more similar to what it would be like if those vines from Stranger Things lived in my belly. It’s creepy but sort of cool at the same time! 

I know it’s kind of weird to use a show as an analogy for Crohn’s disease, but honestly binging shows has been a great escape from literally everything to do with my Crohn’s. I can immerse myself into another world and forget I have a painful, awful disease. I forget the pain. I forget me, and I can pretend just for a little while that I’m in someone else world.  

I could say the same for reading, really, and writing. I know I write about my Crohn’s, so it seems weird that it helps me to escape everything Crohn’s related, but it does. Writing is such a great outlet, a stress relief, a way to shut my mind off of the now, off of my physical body. Even as I write this, I know how messed up and backwards and just weird that sounds. But it really still is a funny way at an escape, while still giving anyone who reads this, an insight to what life with Crohn’s is like, thoughts that go through my own mind, and all the other things I often write about. 

This post definitely took a twist, and that’s okay, because my own life since Crohn’s symptoms began. I haven’t been writing and posting as much as I’d like to, thanks to a current flare. But I’m definitely going to be trying to kick it up a notch, and start posting much more often than once a week or so. 

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, concerns, etc. and if any of you would like to contact me directly and privately feel free to email me at crohnwarrior2016@gmail.com or on instagram at http://www.instagram.com/dodgingkara