11 Thoughts About My Ostomy I Think Daily. 

It’s been a while since I’ve written, life has completely gotten nuts. Between my sons second birthday, him having strep and now having fluid build up in his ears(again), his second year doctors appointment gone wrong, him catching a nasty cold, my husband catching a nasty cold, them giving ME the cold which I feel is slowly developing into bronchitis (every day I feel it move lower)…life’s just been hectic. But it never fails that these thoughts run through my head at LEAST once a day. 

1) Uhm, is my bag leaking!? 

2) Well…looks and smells good, but I can’t eat it. 

3) Is that just an itch? Or a leak? Nope, definitely an itch. 

4) Is that sweat or a leak? 

5) Do I smell like my output!? 😳

6) Is that smell from gas coming out of my filter….or did someone else fart? The world may never know. 

7) What. Are you serious!? Full ALREADY!?! I literally JUST emptied 15 minutes ago -_- 

8) Is that blood? That’s definitely blood. No, wait…..I drank some red Gatorade earlier. Phew. 

9) Whenever I’m standing above the toilet to empty my bag, all I can think is “this is what it must be like to be a man taking a whiz”. 

10) When I’m walking briskly with my bag 1/4 full, and it’s just swinging around, all I can think is “this is what it must be like to be a man running with a limp dick.” Excuse my bluntness and crudeness. 

11) Hehehehehe, that tickled (whenever I cough or sneeze, my Stoma spits out bubbles. It tickles quite a bit 😆). 
That’s honestly a day in my brain (minus all the toddler antics and cuss words that pass through).  Although these aren’t ALL of my thoughts, not all of my thoughts on Charlie, the Stoma…these are the more silly and practical ones. Maybe one day I’ll write more in depth on my daily thoughts on Charlie, but for now- my positive ones will do! 


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